Dungeon Rampage Hack

Dungeon Rampage Hack

Name : Dungeon Rampage Hack Tool
Size : 377 KB
Format : Rar
Processor : Windows &Mac Os X
Features : Coins, Gems
Price : Free For A Limited Time

Dungeon Rampage Hack Tool

Dungeon Rampage Hack tool allows you to generate up to 10000 coins and gems each time you attempt to hack the facebook game. That means you can have unlimited coins and gems and dominate dungeon rampage. We used different names on our Youtube videos such as; dungeon rampage coins adder, dungeon rampage coins and gems generator, dungeon rampage hack. All of these tools are the same as our project. You can refer to all of them in order to learn how to hack dungeon rampage on facebook.

How to Use Dungeon Rampage Hack

We strognly recommend using our hack tools on facebook really carefully. Don't use this tool more than 3 times in a day, otherwise you'll be noticed. It has been tested by our beta tester; Jack. If you follow our instructions, you won't have any problems.

It is really easy to use dungeon rampage hack tool. First of all, approve your connection to dungeon rampage. When your connection is approved, you can proceed to generate coins and gems and then add them to your account. That's it. Dungeon rampage hack tool works just like cheat engine but it does all of the hard work for you.

How to Download Dungeon Rampage Hack

In order to download Dungeon Rampage Hack Tool, you have to complete a simple survey. Please don't make complains about this. This is the only way to afford our spendings, pay for our team's needs. Also, if we just share it on a free hosting company, they'll easily steal our work and probably try to make profit out of it. We actually think of selling our tool for a low price but in order to avoid losing our lovers because of the credit card issues, we decided to share our projects for free on a professional hosting company like sharecash. We assure you, they are really professional and safe. After you complete the survey, you'll download your tool with maximum speed. If you can not complete it successfully, please try another survey. There are 5 different ones for each country. We are sure thay you can complete one of them. Thanks for your understanding, this is the best way you can support us.

Author : Fun Hacks Team ~

Project Dungeon Rampage Hack is published by Fun Hacks Team on . For your questions or feedbacks, please feel free to leave your comments. 8 Comments: in this project. Dungeon Rampage Hack


  1. hallo. i have add my gems. then i tried adding coins. gems were added perfectly. but i couldn't add coins. why?

  2. You should close dungeon rampage hack tool after you perform a hacking. If you wish to add more sources again, you should re-run the hack tool. Then, approve your connection and try adding it again. Please inform us about your issue, because I've just tested the tool and it is working perfectly.

  3. thx i restarted the hack and it added 10000 coins. thx for this great site.

  4. We are happy to hear it works for you. Thanks for your nice thoughts, enjoy your hack.

  5. thank you. i added 3000 coins and 50 gems. is it too much? and a second question; do you think of adding a feature to dungeon rampage hack tool? such as adding weapons, healing hack?

  6. 3000 coins and 50 gems are just fine. You can rest assured. For the features, we are not working on features, we are really busy with new hacks but I really like the idea, I'll take this suggestion to our team members. If it is approved, I'll make sure you'll learn about it.

    Thanks Tony.

  7. hi fun hacks team. i have a question.

    first of all, thank you. i have my gems and i can use them perfectly. here is my problem; I'm trying to send the hack to my friend, but whenever he tries to install the hack, he gets an error message. what is the reason?

  8. Hello dear visitor.

    Here is the reason; each copy of our hack, has its own unique id and after one successful installation, the setup tool becomes deactivated. This is an appliance in order to prevent hijackers and thiefs to steal our work.

    I'm sorry for the inconveniences you are having but your friend should download the hack again.

    Thanks and regards.