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Name : Zynga Poker Hack Tool
Size : 510 KB
Format : Rar
Processor : Windows &Mac Os X
Features : Chips
Price : Free For A Limited Time

Zynga Poker Hack Tool

Zynga poker hack tool gives you the opportunity to add unlimited chips to your account. Of course we don't recommend adding 1 billion chips suddenly, this action will surely take Zynga's attention and you will probably get banned. You should use it in normal limits. That means; you can get 100.000 chips in one hand, this situation won't look abnormal. But if 1 billion chips suddenly drop on your account, this might seem awkward.

So, we strongly recommend, adding 100.000 chips max. each time your hacking attempt. Please use it carefully, we should all be carefull to keep our hack tools alive as long as we can. Creating a new hack tool is really hard and consuming. We do our best to refresh and update our hacks frequently. All we ask from our users, following our instructions.

Zynga Poker Hack is really easy to use. It is not our team's creation, but we have the copyright of this tool and we already tested it. It works perfectly and 50.000 chips were successfully added to the account by our Tester; Craig.

In order to download Zynga Poker Hack Tool, you have to complete a simple survey. Please don't make complains about this. This is the only way to afford our spendings, pay for our team's needs. Also, if we just share it on a free hosting company, they'll easily steal our work and probably try to make profit out of it. We actually think of selling our tool for a low price but in order to avoid losing our lovers because of the credit card issues, we decided to share our projects for free on a professional hosting company like sharecash. We assure you, they are really professional and safe. After you complete the survey, you'll download your tool with maximum speed. If you can not complete it successfully, please try another survey. There are 5 different ones for each country. We are sure thay you can complete one of them. Thanks for your understanding, this is the best way you can support us.

Author : Fun Hacks Team ~

Project Zynga Poker Hack is published by Fun Hacks Team on . For your questions or feedbacks, please feel free to leave your comments. 6 Comments: in this project. Zynga Poker Hack


  1. hey thank you this was amazing :) waiting for social wars hack :)

  2. god bless you. I wanna ask a question; I used zynga hack 2 times today, if I use it the 3rd time, will I get banned?

  3. @Ijaco

    thank you for your nice thoughts. We are already working on it, keep following us :)


    It depends on how much chips you generated. If you used zynga poker hack tool to generate 100.000 chips and 2 times today, we recommend waiting for the next day. But if you just added 20.000-50.000 chips, you can use it again but please be careful, don't try to add over 200.000, this is the safest way according to our zynga poker hack tester Craig.

  4. omg, I added 300.000 chips totally today. is this a problem? I hope no problem will occur :S

  5. O.K. stop using zynga poker hack tool then, moreover, you may try logging out of the zynga servers. because zynga mostly tracks the online activity. if you go offline, you may get out of the danger. don't worry, this is not a rule that is written on a stone, adding 300.000 chips won't always get you banned.

    please keep us informed about your situation.


  6. Hi this is jayjay again :) I wanted to inform you. There is no problem. Everything is fine. Nothing was noticed and I still have the chips in my balance. Thank you